Vena’s Roots

Vena's Roots Book CoverVena’s Roots
An Anderson/Boothby Family History

This is a compiled pedigree for my paternal grandmother, Vena Frances (Anderson) Bergquist.  It includes ten generations of her direct ancestors, their children, and their stories along with supporting documents.  The book includes a Table of Contents, Table of Photographs, Bibliography, and Index.

Book Review by Russell A. DeGrafft of CT Society of Genealogists:
…It is not only an informative exposure of the Anderson/Boothby family history, but also provides an illustrated view of their exploits through its many photographs and charts. A reader will easily follow the travels of these families as this well-researched book unfolds an interesting and climatic history. The tools are provided for genealogists who choose to use this material to expand their own research. A clearly constructed table of contents sets the direction for the researcher. Excellent graphics are included to confirm the multiple data entries. From beginning to end, the author carefully annotates her extensive bibliography and listing of annotated names….

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