DNA graphicMy DNA work began in 2013. That’s when I had my father submit a sample for Y-testing. His paternal line is Swedish and I can use all the help I can get weeding through the many people with the same surnames!

Then I have tested my father, my sister, myself, and 2 of my children for our Autosomal DNA. I used both Family Tree DNA and Ancestry DNA as testing companies. I also transferred DNA results to Family Tree DNA and My Heritage DNA.  Most recently, I tested my own DNA with Living DNA in England. And in 2019, added a Mitochondrial test at Family Tree DNA.

It’s important to have a question  to answer with your DNA test results and a plan for which DNA and which test(s) will help answer that question.  I started with three questions:

  1. That paternal Swedish Line and the ever-changing patronymic names.
  2. Are there other cousins researching people in my family tree?
  3. Can I confirm my maternal grandfather since I cannot find any records for the man listed on my mother’s birth certificate?

I have found cousins, so question 2 is answered with a resounding YES.

As of today, 10/29/19, I have narrowed in on a set of 3 brothers as my possible maternal grandfather and question 1 remains a mystery.

Along the way I attended DNA conferences, many DNA webinars and presentations, and slowly grasped methods for weeding through those hundreds of DNA matches that once appeared so daunting!

Most importantly, I learned that DNA is an unfolding resource that requires many lessons and whose benefits and tools change frequently.

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