Process & Fees

The Process

For a project or lecture, a contract will be sent after a full discussion of the parameters.

While working on a book, deliverables are set up and your input is encouraged throughout the compilation process.  Time for your comments, especially on the first portion, will be built into the project schedule.

If a customized presentation is requested, the project will be treated similarly to a book with many consultations and review before delivery to ensure the organization’s goals are met.

You will be added to my email marketing list with the option to opt-out as may be your preference.  My e-newsletter is delivered every 3 weeks, with a break during the holiday season for 15-16 issues annually.

I am available by email and phone for questions or comments at all times.

The Fees

Common fees that are passed to the customer include postage, copies, pre-payment for printed books, and parking.

Projects are based on an estimated number of hours and are invoiced upon completion of identified milestones.

Retrievals are invoiced with delivery held until payment is received.

Consultations are to be paid upon completion.

Lectures are invoiced after completion.  Discount on most lectures if your organization makes copies of the handouts.

Refunds are typically not an option as you are purchasing my time and expertise rather than a tangible product.  If you request that work stop, you will be provided with a summary of the completed work and an invoice for the time expended.

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