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Census Reports

The U.S. Federal Census started in 1750.  It is mandated every 10 years in order that the government have a count of the residents of various geographic areas.  Most census questionnaires are unique.  Until 1850, only the Head of Household … Continue reading

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Immigration & Naturalization

IMMIGRATION: Basic Starting Information: Name Approximate Date of Immigration Approximate Age at Immigration Options for Establishing the Basics: Look for an alphabetical listing of ships that carried immigrants to America. Heaviest immigration was in the spring – March, April, May … Continue reading

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World War II Draft Cards

During World War II there were seven registrations—handled by the Local Board of a County in each state, DC, and later, American men living abroad. October 16, 1940—all males ages 21-36. Between 1941 & 1943—five more registrations for ages 18-44. … Continue reading

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Medical Terminology

Adapted from: MEDICAL TERMS FOR GENEALOGISTS by Susan Farrell Werle for The Genealogical Helper, July – Aug 1988, p. 11-12   Ague: fever Air-swellings: tympanites; air or gas in the intestines Anchylosis: stiff joint Anidrosis: too little perspiration Anthrax: a … Continue reading

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Getting Started

Getting started with your own genealogical research is as easy as writing down what you already know! However, in creating a valuable reference for others, you need to document where the information came from.  So, like when you did term … Continue reading

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