Index for Genealogy Records

Upton Town Crier – date

The Museum of Upton History is pleased to announce the addition of an index to our genealogical notes and papers.  Until recently, these were scattered throughout our shelves and cabinets, often with several copies of the same item in various locations. Now they are combined, sorted, and indexed.

Included in this collection are family group sheets, pedigree charts, original birth & death certificates as well as other documents, research inquiries, obituaries,  newspaper articles, and photographs!  A total of close to 2,000 articles now more readily available to the public for genealogical and historical research.

While this collection is housed at the Museum of Upton History, it is certainly not entirely focused on Upton. Before computers, genealogical collaboration was done through letters, visits, and phone calls.  Those who provided research services in previous decades looked at records for many of the surrounding towns and some donated their own family history research to this collection.

Soon you will be able to visit the website for the Upton Historical Society, caretakers of the Museum of Upton History, to view the high-level index of surnames included in this collection.  For now, the information is available at the Museum as well as the Upton Library. Additional details about first names, birth & death dates, and spouses names are included in the detailed index at these locations.

In addition to this newly indexed collection, you may find information on ancestors and family members in several other collections at the Museum.  There are many books of photographs as well as hundreds of historically significant artifacts about life in Upton at the Museum.  Stop in for a visit Tues, Weds, Thurs, or Saturday morning or call (508) 529-6600 to make an appointment to visit at another time.

Genealogy clinics at the museum, on hold for the summer, will resume on Wednesday, September 4 from 3-6 p.m.  (They are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.) You’re welcome to drop in during these hours and use this collection as well as their many books for family  research, or simply ask a question of the genealogist while she’s in the room.