Seema-Jayne Kenney

Seema Kenney

Sept 2015

I originally started in the business of genealogy after completing the Genealogical Research Certificate Program at Boston University’s Center for Professional Education in 2010. Since then, I completed ProGen & NIGR in 2012, joined several Genealogy Societies, attended local conferences, and continually expand my genealogical education.

I am a wife, mother of three boys, and entrepreneur.  I started exploring my family history when still in High School.  My paternal family roots go deep into Colonial New England, especially in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine.  My ABLE LogoEuropean roots include English, German, and Swedish.  DNA has recently added a branch to my family tree from The Netherlands.

My other hobbies include puzzles and needle arts projects.  I have a B.A in Spanish & Social Science and a B.S. in MIS/BA.

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