Sandra Eileen (Ellis) Guenther

CCI07222016_00000Sandra is my mother’s first cousin and they were probably frequent playmates in the 1930’s. Sandra is the daughter of John Franklyn and Gertrude (Hanson) Ellis.  She was born on 10 December 1934 at Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Sandra died on 31 December 2001.

From a young age, Sandra was exposed to skiing and horses. Both became passions throughout her life.  Sandra graduated Torrington High School on 18 June 1952 and University of Vermont on 10 June 1956.

Sandra was a teacher her entire life. Classes for all ages (pre-school through Senior Citizens) covering many of her favorite pastimes – animals, languages, music, and, of course, skiing and horseback riding.

I could write a book about Sandra and her parents.  In fact, she wrote a book about herself and her family. Sandra, among her other talents, was a genealogist before computers.  Her work is valuable for many descendants on both sides of her family.

My personal experiences with Sandra started with being in her wedding. On 24 June 1961, Sandra married Wolfgang Peter Guenther.  Together they had two children, Karina and Christopher. Mostly, I remember Sandra as a mother of those two young children.  And, I predominantly remember her children always curtseying & bowing when greeting my parents.  I would guess that the last time I saw them together was just before their 9 month family bus trip around the United States in 1971.

I am very grateful to Sandra for the research she completed – the stories, documents, and photos she compiled by writing letters. Through her genealogical research, I’ve learned a great deal about Sandra and our shared family.

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