Paul M. Holmberg

Paul M. Holmberg was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1898 and died in 1990 inPaul Holmberg Hartford, Connecticut.  He lived for many years in Newington, Connecticut.

Paul married my grandfather’s sister, making him my Great-Uncle (I think).   My eldest son met Uncle Paul, but I doubt Sean remembers as he was quite young.

We would visit Uncle Paul and Aunt Elsie maybe a couple of times a year when I was young. They lived about an hour away.

Their home seemed small, but we would only visit in the kitchen & living room.  I don’t remember visiting with any of their children or grandchildren until later in life.

I do remember enjoying Uncle Paul’s laugh. I remember him as a nature lover. He was one of just a few relatives who would take my sister and I outside during a visit.

In fact, my most vivid memories of his home are the huge pear tree and many blueberry bushes.  This is where I learned about the long handled basket picker you can use to pick fruit without using a ladder.  And, of course, Uncle Paul was diligent about putting nets over the blueberry bushes to keep the little animals from eating all the berries.

I don’t remember Uncle Paul as a sports fan (we didn’t have many in my family) but in researching him, I learned about his connection to the newspaper industry in Hartford, CT.  Imagine  being quarantined, not allowed to attend school, but allowed to go outside.  Uncle Paul would go to downtown Hartford and watch the newspapers’ “player boards” where the ‘play by play’ would be re-enacted as updates arrived at the newspaper.

He became a Red Sox fan in the 1950’s and remained one until his death in 1990.

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