Repository Presentations

Before and At a Repository – How to prepare for working at a repository and a demonstration of some tools that can facilitate on-sight research.

Researching the policies of a repository.
Creating a Research Plan for your time at the repository.
Packing – what am I able to take, what is available on-site or near to the repository.
Making the most of your time at the repository – using your digital camera or a portable scanner.

This presentation will include demonstrations of portable scanners and their accompanying software

Researching at an Historical Society – The need for additional off-line research and the gems that can be found in the collection of an Historical Society.

Researching an ancestor will hopefully include more than the birth, marriage and death dates and places. The stories lie in what happened while they lived.
An Historical Society collection has many clues to the life your ancestor lived in the form of newspapers, local ephemera, and living resources!