Immigration Presentations

Immigration & Naturalization – an introduction to the paperwork and push/pull of your ancestors’ decision to emigrate and/or to become a US Citizen.

Discussion of the regulations, processes, and paperwork used in dealing with the millions of people who left their homes to re-establish themselves in this country.
The places and regulations changed many times and understanding this makes a difference in where to search for those all important documents on your immigrant ancestor – or whether to search for them at all!
Also discussed will be those times when you might find an ancestor who was born here but also needed to file for naturalization during their lifetime.

This is an introduction to these processes.

Ellis Island – It’s history, other inspection sites, and a history of immigration to our country.

The History of Ellis Island 1630-2012.

Who was processed at Ellis Island and what did that involve?

How did the Legislation of Immigration affect Ellis Island?