Charles Bemus Hill

Charles Bemus Hill was the third son of George Hebert Hill, Jr. and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Kathryn Emery, and the father to my godmother, Kathryn Elizabeth Hill. Charles was born on 10 July in 1907 in Denmark, York County, Maine.  Or was he?  While his birth certificate clearly reads 1907, his older brother was born in February of 1907.

Uncle CharlieCharles, or ‘Uncle’ Charlie as I refer to him, was an outdoor person.  He worked as a florist or gardener most of his life.  I certainly knew him as a gardener.

He was also a Mainiac – oh how he loved the state of Maine!  He may have moved to Connecticut with his parents and siblings and met his wife there, but it was Maine where he preferred to live, and where his daughter was born.

For many years, Charlie and his wife, Hazel, lived with their daughter and son-in-law in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  He was a playmate as well as entertainment during family visits.  He preferred to be outdoors and would often take my sister and I for walks around the property. In later years, for rides in the golf cart that provided him a means to bring heavy items down to the garden that he tended so lovingly.

In addition to his garden, he was a dog-lover.  Of course, a dog was another reason to go outside and he and Dutchess certainly enjoyed their time outside together.

Of this I am certain – Charles Bemus Hill died 1 August 1992, too early for my twin boys to get to know him. He and his wife are buried together in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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