Cambridge G. Beckel

Cambridge G. Beckel was only written about a couple of times, but they were both important events in his life at the time. Philip’s letter of 16 March 1945 describes Cambridge’s promotion to 2nd Lieutenant as follows:

“Today was a pretty big day in our office because one of our Sergeants (T/Sgt Cambridge G. Beckel, Jr) was commissioned a 2nd Lt in the Army of the United States. Yesterday he was a civilian because he was discharged from the Army as an Enlisted Man so as he could be commissioned to-day. Boy, we sure had fun cussing at him and stuff yesterday and he couldn’t do anything about it—but today, he is now a 2nd Lt. All kidding aside, though, he is really a swell fellow and he really deserved his commission. He was assigned to Fifth Army Headquarters at the same time that I was. At that time he was A T/3 (Technician Third Grade). I guess he has gone off on a three day pass now. From what I understand, all officers get a pass when they are first commissioned.”

A few weeks later, Cambridge Beckel was written about for another change in his duties while in Verona, Italy: “Lt. Beckel is now our Section Leader.”